Frequently asked questions

How can Aero Refund help me?

Our team helps clients to receive the owed compensation from the airlines after their flight plan gets disturbed by the reasons caused by airlines. Such events include flight cancelation, delay, or the cases where the passenger was denied boarding or his sit was downgraded or overbooked. If you experience such inconvenience, then you can claim your compensation through our website or with the help of our customer service. Aero Refund can even start and finalize legal proceedings on your behalf if it comes to it.

How much is the Aero Refund service fee?

Our company put your rights above everything else. Therefore, we do not charge any fee if we don’t succeed in claiming your compensation. You only need to pay our standard fee if you successfully get your compensation with our help. The exact % and other details will be provided by our team before the process starts.

Can I still claim the compensation if the Airline already provided meals or any other kind of accommodation?

Airlines can provide you with different accommodations such as refreshments, meals, and a place to stay, but that still does not give them the right to deny you the compensation that you are entitled to get from them.

Am I still entitled to compensation if I already got the voucher from the airline?

You are still owed compensation, even after accepting the voucher from the airline. But, in such cases, the value of the voucher will be deducted from the amount of the compensation.

Can I claim compensation if the flight was not delayed for more than 3 hours but It still made me miss my connecting flight?

You can still get compensation in such cases if the first and the second flights are still operated by the same company. In this case, the final destination is counted as the last stop and you can still arrive there late and with more than 3-hour delay in total.

How to calculate the total delay time of my flight?

Usually, the arrival time means the point of your travel when at least one of the doors of the plane is opened after landing at your final destination. Therefore, after the initial departure, you can count the delay interval until that moment.

Do I have to purchase my ticket through the airline channels to be eligible for compensation?

According to EU regulations, the company you choose to book the ticket with is not important in this case. You are entitled to get compensation from the Airline because they are supposed to perform or intend to complete the flight.

Am I still eligible for compensation if my tickets were purchased with a special tariff?

We need to review such events case by case, because if your ticket was purchased at a reduced price that was not available to the general public to also purchase, then you might not be eligible to get the compensation.

Can I still claim the compensation if it was already offered to me by the airline but I refused?

Yes, you are always entitled to eligible compensation as long as that compensation has not yet been paid.

What kind of events makes me not eligible for compensation?

Airlines are not obliged to pay compensation to their passengers if a flight cancelation, delay or any other error occurs because of the strike by airport or air traffic control employees. You are not entitled to compensation when your flight plans get ruined by extreme weather conditions or emergency health conditions.