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Getting compensation – How does it work?

Uncooperative Airlines usually does not respond well when their regular customer demands monetary compensation. Therefore, using the help of our experts is the first step to get what you rightfully deserve, in a very short timeframe as well.

To do so, you have to provide us with some specific information, enter your flight details in our online form, and from there, our legal experts will calculate and tell you exactly how much compensation you are entitled to.

The next step is ours to complete, you can just relax and take a break. We will complete the process of building your case from the start to the end. This usually consists of sending as many complaints as needed to the administrative bodies and our legal team also responds quite well when it comes to filing the court case against the airlines.

When the Airline sends the final confirmation and compensation gets successfully claimed, we will notify you immediately. After that, you will receive the rightfully owed money in your account. Usually, passengers are entitled to up to €600 for every passenger on their booking list. This amount may vary from case to case, but Aero Refund experts will calculate the exact amount for you.

Are you eligible for compensation?

Compensation in case of a Delayed flight

Flight delays are not rare and when such a case causes disruptions in your travel or business plans, then you are eligible for compensation. To claim compensation in this case, your flight delay needs to be 3+ hours.

Compensation in case of Flight Cancellation

If your planned flight got canceled without prior notice, then you are eligible for compensation. According to EU regulations, you are eligible for compensation if a prior cancellation notice was sent less than 14 days before the scheduled flight.

Compensation in case of Missed Connection

Every passenger is eligible for monetary compensation when they miss their connecting flight due to flight delays caused by the airline.

Compensation in case of flight Overbooking

If you miss your flight because the airline overbooked the space on the plane and you were not able to board it, then you are 100% eligible for compensation.

Compensation in case of Denied Boarding

According to the EU regulations, the passengers are eligible for compensation if they were denied boarding a plane without any apparent reason or no reason at all.

Compensation in case of Delayed Baggage

If your baggage was delayed, you are eligible to get the compensation. The airline also needs to pay compensation to their passengers, if their baggage arrives damaged.

Why AeroRefund?

Claiming compensation by yourself is always way over stressful as it should be. You usually have to complete a very hard process and long negotiations with airlines. It requires a lot of paperwork and while it is risky, it is also very time-consuming for a regular passenger. Airlines even could try to ignore your messages for months, without any additional pressure. The Aero Refund team has the right tools and experience to get the best response for you in a very short amount of time. Our experts are perfect guides for you when it comes to collecting essential documents. We even submit every piece of item on the list for you, without any extra fee. With our help, you save time and stay stress-free. Additionally, Aero Refund takes great pride in being a responsible provider of peace and deserved compensation for our clients. Therefore, our service includes regular updates regarding your compensation case. Aero Refund's legal team is also always ready to get into the courtroom and fight for your rights there if the Airline decides to take your complaint to court. Most importantly, our service comes with no strings attached and you are only required to pay our service fee if we successfully complete your case.


What entitles me to compensation from the Airline?

You are eligible for getting compensation if your flight was canceled or delayed for reasons caused by Airline itself. You can also get compensation if you were denied boarding or were put in a lower class than agreed on your purchased ticket.

What is the job of Aero Refund?

Our team members are experts in helping clients receive their compensation from the Airline. If your flight plans were disrupted, we are always ready to fight for the money that’s owed to you. You just have to submit your claim through our website and then we will ensure opening communications with airlines on your behalf. Aero Refund will also collect all the necessary documents and even engage in a legal proceeding, if necessary, to get your compensation.

Can I still get compensation from the Airline, if it already accommodated me with meals, refreshments, or a place to stay?

If your flight plans were affected by the aforementioned reasons, then the Airline is obliged to pay you compensation. You still can exercise the right to be provided with accommodations, without losing your right to get well-deserved compensation from the airline itself.


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